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Themes provide the style and beauty for your website or blog. You can get free themes or premium quality from sites like Theme Junkie. The WordPress theme is like an outfit in that it makes WordPress look better, it is an expression of a user’s individual style, and it can provide some nifty conveniences and functionality. WordPress allows the user to find and add themes easily from right in site wordpress.

One of the most important reasons we recommend WordPress as the platform of choice for your website and blog is because someone with no website coding experience at all can make significant changes to the look of the website. You can change the way the pages are arranged, the way the content on those pages is laid out, and all of the aesthetic features such as images, fonts, colors, and backgrounds.

The two tools that make those changes possible for beginners are called PLUGINS and THEMES. Today, I’ll touch on the subject of WordPress themes. We’ll save plugins for another day.

Imagine you are looking for your new dream home. You visit the developer’s office and with the guidance of an agent look through catalogues and select the style and design of your home. Then you select optional items such as fireplace or Jacuzzi. Think of the style of your new home as the THEME and optional Fireplace as the PLUGINS.

WordPress allows you to use free themes that are accessible right in wordpress. While these themes work very good for starter they often lack the functionalities that will make your site look impressive. In fact many of the free themes have a paid version that will offer more functionalities.

Get a Free Theme or Paid theme
Based on my experience trying to squeeze a good look out of a free theme I would suggest that if your goal is to have a professional looking site you should purchase a theme. Themes are inexpensive and it will save you a lot of time when you purchase. Since not all themes are designed the same Paid sites provide tutorials to teach you how to use their theme.

Purchase one theme or a theme Club membership
When it comes to purchasing themes you have two choices. You can search through theme galleries and purchase one individual theme or you can purchase a membership at a theme club. A one year membership will give you access to 30 or more themes and new ones. For value, I prefer to purchase a theme club membership at Theme Junkie, which only cost $99.00 per year. Individual themes can cost $35 to $100 but for the perfect theme it is a small price to pay.

Here is a handy tip.
If you see an impressive wordpress site and you want to see just what theme they are using just go to and enter the website address. But do not assume your site will look the same. Many web developers add custom coding to perfect their site.


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