Beginner’s Guide to creating a website or Blog

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Follow instructions and get free help creating your website.

My Easy-to-follow tips, techniques, and advice are presented in a straightforward and easy-to-understand presentation covering basic to intermediate techniques. The aim of this tutorial is to skip all the details and take you from knowing little to nothing to the point of creating and managing a professional and aesthetically appealing blog or website in the shortest time possible.

To create and manage a website it requires tools and services. To save you the time we have researched the best tools and services in advance and will introduce them to you when required. Some of these services have what is called an affiliate program. This means I get a referral fee when you click on a suggested company’s link and make a purchase. This is a win win.


  • HOSTING COMPANY – provides space on a computer (server) for your website so it is accessible to the internet.
  • DOMAIN NAME – You website address or naming convention use to locate website in the internet.(

Finding the right hosting company is a bit like finding the perfect pair of shoes. It takes a lot of looking for the right one. But I have done the research to determine the best hosting company to fit your needs. It does not matter whether your website is for personal or business use the solution is the same? Unless you have a business that can drive extraordinarily high traffic a SHARED HOSTING PLAN will meet your needs.

The two best web hosting company links are below choose on.
Purchase a Hosting account from one of these BlueHost or HostGator 

It is best to get a plan with unlimited domain name, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space.
They provide the backup service, technical support, 99% uptime & the ability to upgrade plan as required.

BlueHost: Get the PLUS plan or Business plan
HostGator: Get the Baby Plan or Business plan

Cost range from $100 to $150 per year. If cost is not a factor for you get the Business Plan.

It is best to purchase your domain name from the Hosting Company you will be using. Many host offer free domain name with new Hosting Plans.  Also it will save you having to change the DNS server the Domain Name points to.

The first step in creating your website is getting your Domain Name. Your domain name is your Internet address. The .COMs are disappearing rapidly which is making it increasingly difficult to register that one “perfect” domain for your web site. But don’t be disheartened, there are many .com names still available. However if you cannot find a .com domain you can Click Here to find hundreds of new domain extension alternatives.

I suggest you ignore the hundreds of new extensions and focus on find a .com or a .Net domain name first. Finding the right Domain Name is a brainstorming exercise so don’t dismiss any possibility, write down all the domain names you can think of. Use as a online resource to determine which domains are available but do not purchase your domain here. If you cannot find a .com or .net that is pleasing then try one of the many extension alternatives available by Clicking Here.

TIP: During the brainstorming process use to search for your perfect domain name but do not purchase you domain name there.

Consider selecting a name that reflects the content on your site instead of your company name. For example instead of Although a domain name can be up to 63 characters long shorter is better. Avoid Hyphens (-) & Numbers – People may forget to type in the hyphen and numbers are confusing. Is that a 4, FOUR or FOR?

You have got your Hosting account and your domain name. You can do it yourself by following easy instructions or you can give me a call or send an email.

(1) Get a SKYPE account. You will use it to see what I am doing on my computer.
(2) Purchase a HOSTING ACCOUNT from one of these BlueHost or HostGator
(3) Purchase your DOMAIN NAME from the same hosting company

(4) Have 3 to 9 pages of information ready for your website. Need an image for each page. 
Contact: Courtney 905 428 6690. Email: (call anytime)


Try doing it yourself by following these steps & watching videos

(1) The first step is to install wordpress


(2) Find l a WordPress Theme

WordPress theme is like an outfit in that it makes WordPress look better, it is an expression of a user’s individual style, and it can provide some nifty conveniences and functionality. You can get free themes for wordpress gallery or buy premium quality from sites like Theme Junkie. For more on finding a theme click here. Have questions contact Courtney for help. 905 428 6690

(3) Install a WordPress Theme

WordPress comes complete with thousands themes some required hundreds of hours to complete and they are available to you free with two clicks of your mouse. But because they are free the developers hold back on some key features to encourage you to purchase. Open WordPress & Go to APPEARANCE and Click THEME to browse the theme gallery. Click Here to learn how to install Themes
I have spent countless hours trying to make a free theme look professional and can tell you it is not worth the time. Paid themes are inexpensive, I recommend you get a membership at theme Junkie where your have access to not one but over 30 themes for $49.00. 

(4) Login & Explore WordPress Features

Here is some videos to help you explore wordpress.

(5) How to add Content with Pages & Post

You have found and installed your theme next your will need to add content to your site. In wordpress content such as words and images are made visible by creating POST and PAGES where the content is added.

How to add Pages

How to Add Post

Experts recommend that all pages includes an image research shows that people are more likely to read an article with an image. So just go to Google and copy and paste images; wrong!!. Someone I know recently got a letter in the mail asking them to pay $1140 each image he copied from Google. Don’t believe me. Click here to See the details
Here is a great place to get images cheap only $5 per month. 

Where does bloggers get all that great content, they buy PLR articles. PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR articles are a relatively new twist on content building. Private label rights are a special type of right or license which you purchase where you are legally allowed to edit and publish the article as your own. You may even include your own name as the author and your own resource box at the end of each article. PLR articles are a relatively inexpensive way to produce content for a blog. Any blogger who has been at this for a while knows that keeping a steady flow of content is not an easy thing to do. PLR articles can help to keep that flow going when you run into a period of writer’s block. The biggest advantage of PLR articles are their costs. They’re pretty cheap. Click here to get PLR articles.

Learn about categories


(6) Get the right plugins

Plugins add great functionality to your wordpress site. I have selected the best plugins and save you the research time. Click here to learn more about plugins and to find a list of plugins you should install.




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